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Message From John

Welcome to my "old school" blog, all about dating, relationships, and my thoughts on the current state of affairs between men and women in this ever changing dating culture. Every few days I'll have a new article all about how to succeed in this brave new world of online dating. I'll also share my controversial opinions, tell you hilarious dating stories, and give you the advice you need to succeed with the women you really want.

All my best prior articles and updates are posted here and whenever I post a new article, it will appear on that page. How often do I write my newsletter? Well, the short answer is when I feel like it, but sometimes daily, sometimes several times a week depending on what I have to say. My attraction assistant Julie also finds "motivational pictures" I know you will like, so we always have some new pictures too.

I highly encourage you to check out my products, and my complete Amazon Kindle catalog so you can gain the skills you need to succeed with the women you want. Be sure to join my email notification list, so you can get notifications whenever new articles and photos or posted, or when it's time to review old ones.

Check back to the site often, there's always something new and exciting going on here, and you will always learn new things. As I say in my articles, attraction is a learnable skill, and if you put in the time, you can learn it. Yes, you can attract the women you really want, no matter your looks, age or income if you are willing to learn the skill. Men are physically attracted to women, women are mentally attracted to men. When you can activate a woman's mind, you can choose the woman you really want, not the one who just shows up. That's what attraction is all about, so come back to my site often so you can learn the skill and succeed with women too. On with the fun...

-John Alanis
Austin, TX

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The latest from author john Alanis

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