Why pickup lines actually do work!

July 11, 2011
There’s been a great debate for years about pickup lines- do they work?  Do they not work?  And if they work, which ones are the best ones?  And, of course, what is that ONE magic line that works every single time.

Well, I have good news and bad news for you.  The bad news is this:  there is no one magic line, or magic set of lines that works to pick up women.

And, the worse news is, pickup lines do NOT work as intended—if you go up and spout a canned, choady line to a woman, you’re going to get a “are you for real” reaction.

HOWEVER, if you approach a woman with a “naughty boy smile” on her face, look her in the eye and give her the most outrageous line you’ve ever heard WITH the intention of her knowing how ludicrous it is (without trying any goofy pickup stuff), she will laugh.

And because you made her laugh, you now have an entry into the conversation.  But it must be done with such overblown humor that she knows you’re creating a situation for both of you to laugh at something together.

That is a powerful attraction secret—shared experience leads to attraction, and when you both find something funny to laugh about (an inside joke) it can create the beginnings of a bond.

Now, if you do this with less than overblown humor, you will be just another choad.  The delivery has to be so over the top there’s no way either you or her could take it seriously.

So, yes, pickup lines DO work… just not in the way they’re supposed to.  If you use them to demonstrate to a woman you are clever, witty, funny, and have the authority to walk up to her, you’ll do well at attracting women.

If not, you’ll just be on the outside looking in.

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