Bad Online Date? Send Lawyers, Guns and Money..

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Hi, it's Julie!

Got something a little different for you today, two photos, yes, and also an article about dating and culture from John called "Bad Online Date? Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money..."

Here's Your First of Two Photos

All you old rockers and fans of LA culture will know the title immediately, but what you may not know is how important it is to understand culture when it comes to dating and relationships. The good news is, John's entire line of Kindle books can help you succeed with women and online dating, while understanding culture. Women love a man who understands the culture around him, the history and the shared memories that brought us where we are today.

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Enjoy, and stay tuned for tomorrow's photo, I think you'll really like her...


XOXO, Julie Young, Attraction Assistant to John Alanis

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John Alanis, King Of Let Em' Come To You!

Bad Online Date? Send Lawyers, Guns and Money..

Let's get serious about success with women. There are two levels. One is the guy who's good at meeting lots of women, has lots of fun with them, maybe even has a girlfriend for awhile, but never really connects with any of the women he dates. Perhaps you can say he is shallow, but I don't like that term- there's just something missing from his personality. Maybe he never really can connect with women.

I will tell you this. One of the greatest things you can do is connect with a women, no matter if you met her on a dating site or in the real world. And by connect, I don't mean in a sappy, romance novel kind of way (although truth be told, most romance novels are not really sappy, they have a lot of emotional tension). I mean the ability to appreciate and understand things that really only you, her, and a few other people can.

Now, I don't mean this in the absolute sense. Different people connect over different things, and you have to find out what you connect over. It is completely relative, with this one commonality- there has to be a depth to it, there has to be richness, and layers. It should transcend regular dating or anything you see on an online dating site.

For me, that's "culture." It's a "feel" for a certain kind of music, a certain kind of writing, a certain kind of energy that really touches you at a deeper level. For me it's Bukowski, Zevon, Lou Adler, and all the great 70's and 80's culture that came out of LA. Funny that calls to me, because I'm from Texas (that has a very unique culture too), but I can "feel" it, and the women I prefer to date can feel it too. They know Zevon, they know Cheech and Chong, they know Mann's Chinese theater, and they understand the cultural importance of it. Women like that are rare, but when I meet one, I connect with her.

What do you "feel," that you know is important? If you can determine that, then you know what kind of woman you want to date, what kind you want to spend time with. Understanding and "feeling" culture is a good place to start, especially with music, movies, books, poetry that has a connection to the past. That's important because that past lives within us, whether we know it or not. It's made us, to an extent, who we are today, and it determines who we can really connect with.


I, for example, could not date a woman who doesn't know the phrase "Lawyers, guns and money," or who doesn't know what the Roxy is, or why it's important. To me it's flat, and I'm flat to her. But when I meet a woman who "gets it," there's an immediate, unseen but felt connection between us. It's our pasts talking to us, talking through us, reconnecting us to the culture that made us who we are.

Even though we may have never met or talked before, we can immediately feel the commonality, the familiar connections that those around us can't. In fact, people think we are weird or strange. When I say, "enjoy every sandwich," they think, "yeah, sure, ok, good advice," not knowing that was Warren Zevon's advice for living when he knew he was dying of cancer. I woman I connect with immediately recognizes it.

That's what you want to look for when it comes to meeting and dating women, an unseen cultural connection. Is it hard to find? Yes. But when you do, it's almost impossible to let go of, for good or bad, for better or worse.


Here's Your Second Photo

I really hope you enjoyed your two photos and this article, I will have more photos and another great article for you tomorrow to help you with women and online dating!

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