Personal Energy, Dating, And Women

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Today John has an article for you called "Personal Energy, Dating, and Women," a subject that is very important, but rarely discussed. And oh yes, I have two new photos for you too, you're going to love them!

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Women pick up on a man's personal energy, and if yours is flat, dull, or nonexistent, you will not succeed with dating, relationships or women. But if you know how to project it, you will do very well... especially if you also study all of John's Kindle books, so you too can learn the skill of attraction. Yes, it's work to attract and keep a woman, but it's work that is well worth it. And besides, no woman wants a man who won't put in the work, so be sure to pick up John's Kindle books today.

Personal energy may sound woo-woo, or something a goofy life coach would say, but it's something all humans pick up on. No one really treats it like a skill though, so if you do, you will do very well with women.

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Personal Energy, Dating, And Women

When it comes to dating women, most men think about what to say or not say, where to go or not go, what to wear or not wear, etc. And yes, all of those things are important. But if you don't have the one thing women crave- male energy- you are going to have a tough time. It's been said men fall in love through their eyes, women fall in love through their ears. And that is true to an extent- women love a man who is good with words. BUT- and this is important- it's the energy behind the words women look for, it's literally what they "feel" when you speak.

You can take a certain set of words and have two guys same them to the same woman. The first guy can be tall dark and handsome, a snappy dresser but devoid of energy and the words will provoke no reaction in her. The second guy can be short, balding and overweight, yet have charismatic male energy, and women will be absolutely hooked when he says those same words. The second guy will be far more successful with dating and women than the first guy because he knows how to project his energy.

Understand that women feel what you feel inside. If you feel nervous and awkward, she will feel the same. If you feel no attraction she will feel the same. But if you feel desire for her, and you can channel that desire via your energy and words, she won't be able to resist you. If you want to master the skill of attraction, you must develop your energy. Now, this isn't a metaphysical, woo-woo concept. Charismatic male energy merely sets off a signaling mechanism in women letting them know you are a worthy mate, that you might just be a guy who can provide and protect. It's a biological thing. After all, a man with no energy won't get up off the couch and learn.

How do you learn to develop and project your energy? Study characters who are good at it. Study Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones, and especially study Hank Moody from Californication. While those are fictional series, both characters do an excellent job of projecting their energy in a way women are attracted to. Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back is a great one to study too.


Pay attention to your friends women are naturally attracted to. You will see they have commonalities in their energy, and you can take those characteristics, try them on and see if they work for you when it comes to dating, no matter if you meet a woman from an online dating site, offline dating, or even a matchmaker. Then, go out and just try on what you like for yourself. Don't try to "be" Hank Moody, just take a few characteristics you are comfortable with and try them out on a date. Some will work, some won't, some you'll like, some you won't. Take those you like that work and keep using them. But always add in some more. What you are doing is building a persona women are attracted to.

At first, you won't be very good, but that's how you learn. As you do it more and more, you will subconsciously learn, and you will start to get good at it. You'll "feel" how and when to project your energy, what to say, and what to do when you are with a woman. And yes, you'll feel when it goes bad too. No matter how good you get, nothing will be 100%, but when it comes to dating, you don't need that. You just need to be good enough when the right woman comes around.


Here's Your Second Photo

I really hope you enjoyed your two photos and this article, I will have more photos and another great article for you tomorrow to help you with women and online dating!

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