Important Dating Advice: What Can You Make Her FEEL?

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Hi, it's Julie!

I've got two new photos and an article for you called "Important Dating Advice: What Can You Make Her Feel?" and if you are a man serious about dating success with women, you should read it at once.

Here's Your First of Two Photos

Sure, women love a good looking guy with financial resources but ONLY if he can make her feel chemistry. The truth is, when it comes to attracting women, looks don't matter, age doesn't matter, income doesn't matter IF you can make her "feel." You can learn to do that when you get all of John's Kindle books about attraction and dating success, and study them all. Attraction is a skill that can be learned by any man, if you're willing to put in the work. The man who does gets the rewards.

Making a woman "feel" sounds like something mushy, but it's really not. It's actually learning to trigger he biological signaling mechanism that tells her you are a man worth spending time with.

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Important Dating Advice: What Can You Make Her FEEL?

There's an important aspect of attraction most men completely miss and are, in fact, clueless about. When it comes to attracting women, most men thing money, looks, and "things" are important. Or they think being sweet and kind and caring and romantic is what does the trick.

All of those ways of thinking are dead wrong. Do women appreciate a good looking man who has resources? Sure. But only if he makes her FEEL.

Many years ago I had a good friend, a beautiful blonde woman who many men were after. She and I got along well (she was from out of town, so I saw her sporadically), and she'd always tell me stories about the men she met and dated. One guy, an owner of radio stations, was richer than Scrooge McDuck. Anything she wanted, he could get her, anyplace she wanted to go, he'd take her. He was a good looking dude, and a snappy dresser to boot. But she just couldn't go on a date with him. Why?

Because he had no energy, he couldn't make her FEEL anything. She said she'd go to sleep every night praying she'd wake up, and FEEL something from him, but she never did. So she left all the houses and cars and planes and trains and riches behind, and married a surfer.

When I say "feel," I'm not talking about what some call "love." I'm talking about what women call chemistry, that internal feeling evoked by interacting with male energy. That feeling is not evoked by cars, money, riches, fine wine, travel, fancy clothes or big houses. It is evoked by the energy you put into your communications with women, especially when on a date.

That energy comes from you speaking live to her, at first on the phone, but then in person. That's one reason why you want to get her off of a dating site or online mobile app as fast as possible. When you are communicating on an online dating site, you're just pixels on a screen, along with every other guy. Sure, you can and should intrigue her with your writing, quick comebacks, and clever words, but this only sets the stage for you to talk to her.

When you talk to a woman on the phone, and then meet her in person for a date, you can project energy via your voice, then in person with your full range of communication- facial expression, gestures, smile, eye contact, etc. That full range of communication is yours to transmit energy with, and that energy is a the way you make her FEEL.


How do you know when a woman is feeling chemistry on a date? First off, you'll be able to feel it too. Secondly, you'll get to where you can judge it in her eyes, smile, face, how she laughs, etc. And thirdly, if she grabs your forearm with both hands while she is laughing, that is a clear indicator that she's really attracted to you.

Understand that making her FEEL is what it's all about, and when it comes to attracting women, that's the main skill you need to learn, projection of energy. Sure, it's good to be in shape, make good money, dress nice, and have a good car, but that's in addition to projecting your male energy. If you can't do that, then none of those things matter.

This applies no matter how you meet her. Maybe you met her in person on a local date, maybe you met her at a singles group, maybe you met her via an online dating site or online dating app, it doesn't matter. What she wants more than anything is to be able to feel chemistry with you, in person, and that only comes from your ability to project energy.


Here's Your Second Photo

I really hope you enjoyed your two photos and this article, I will have more photos and another great article for you tomorrow to help you with women and online dating!

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