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I've got two new photos and an article for you called "Online Dating Success- It's All On You" and if you are a man serious about dating success with women, you should read it at once.

Here's Your First of Two Photos

Too many guys nowadays sit around waiting for the woman to make the first move. Perhaps they are spoiled by online dating sites or online dating apps where women will make the first move, but it's the wrong thing to do. Women want YOU to contact them, they want YOU to ask them out, they want YOU to plan, and they want YOU to take them on a date. The more successful the woman, the more she wants you to do that. The truth still is, dating success is on YOU, not her.


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Online Dating Success- It's All On You

Women have always had gripes about men when it comes to dating, attraction and relationships and they always well. But today they have a new gripe, and strangely it is one that presents a big opportunity for you. Their gripe is this: men just won't do anything anymore. All they want to do is swipe left, swipe right, look at pictures and that's it. They don't want to take you out, they don't want to ask you out, they don't want to plan anything, they don't want to do anything.

Back in the days before online dating and mobile dating apps, if you wanted a date, you had to ask a woman out in person. You had to put your ego on the line, risk rejection, and ask for her phone number. Then you had to call her on the phone, ask her out, and tell her what YOUR plan was. Then you had to pick her up, take her out, then take her home.

Women loved that. It showed that a man desire them enough to do all of it, showed her that he really wanted to see her. And guess what? They still love it more than ever, and that presents a real dating opportunity for you.


Consider today's average slob. He swipes left, swipes right, chats, asks for a few pictures to be sent to his text number and that's it. He never calls, he never talks, he never asks her out, never picks her up. And even if a guy actually does set up a date, he does it via text, then tells her to meet him somewhere for the date- and to take an uber.

Women are dying for a man to walk up to them, ask for their phone number, call them (not text them), pick them up, then take them out somewhere cool. Women love to be taken out, they love the whole experience. But they rarely get it in this day and age of lazy texting, and are perennially frustrated with men. And that presents an opportunity for you.

If you can hold a conversation, and you see a woman you like go talk to her, ask her for her phone number, then call her. Women love the sound of a man's voice. They pick up your energy from it, and that's what they find attractive. In person on a date, it's even better- they crave being in the presence of a man who will talk to them, love being around male energy. The good news is, you can combine old and new. Yes, you can meet a woman on a dating site or mobile dating app, but then you should get her on the phone, not text with her. Call her, talk to her, and ask her out. You can pick her up or meet her there, but the point is you are investing time and effort and letting her hear your voice. In this day and age of lazy boy dating, that's a big deal to women.

All you have to do is be better than other men, and you can date some really beautiful women. It used to be many men competed for the affections of desirable women but now almost every guy spends his time swiping left and right, even the handsome, funny guys who used to be good with women. There's just no competition any more, so that gives you a huge advantage, no matter your looks, age or income. The one thing women want is to be in the presence of a MAN, so give her that and she will be very, very happy.


Here's Your Second Photo

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