Dating and Social Distancing

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Hi, it's Julie!

In this brave new world we suddenly live in, I have two new photos to make you happy, and a timely new article for you called "Dating and Social Distancing," something you never used to associate with dating.

Here's Your First of Two Photos

The world has suddenly changed- at least temporarily. Instead of getting close to people, the new term "social distancing" has thrown a monkey wrench into the world of dating, where your primary goal is to get close to a woman. Luckily, this won't last forever, and when it ends, people will want to get closer than ever. But while we are riding the storm out, is there an opportunity when it comes to online dating and mobile dating apps? Strangely, there is, and John explains it in his new article.


Dating is not dead in this new world of the Corona Virus and social distancing. And it will roar back to life in a few months- now is an interesting time to connect with women online, setting up future meetings. John has many Kindle books that can help your dating success and, you don't have own a Kindle to read them...Amazon will actually give you a free reading app you can use on your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. to read any Kindle book. The link to download it is below:

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Dating and Social Distancing

Clearly, at some point, this post will be become somewhat irrelevant. After all, the point of dating, online or otherwise is to be close to them (and get closer), not to be far away from them. And you can't really have a good date when you have to stay six feet away.

Of all things, online dating presents an interesting solution to this. It is short term, to be sure, as is this crisis, but successful people, whether in dating or life in general, think long term. While it may be difficult to meet a woman in person for a date (and where would you meet, anyways?), it is NOT difficult to generate leads during this time, and build a list.

As people get more accustomed to temporarily staying home (and they are calmed by financial relief), many will get bored and turn to the internet, in particular online dating sites and apps. This is your opportunity to build a list of great prospects you can meet up with in person as soon as this crisis ends.

Understand this: one, it will end. Two, there will be a pent up demand for people wanting to go back to work. And three, there will be a pent up demand for DATING. That means you can use your time to start compiling and communicating with a list of women you get from browsing online dating sites. In normal times, you may not have to the time to browse deeply and read every online profile, but in these abnormal times, you do.


You can do this with both online dating sites AND you can do it with it with mobile dating apps- Tinder, Bumble, etc. And instead of sending a hastily written message, you can craft a message likely to get attention, to get opened, read, and responded to. Then you can start an online dialog, and most importantly, move to the phone.

During a time like this, a lot of people want to talk and have the time to talk. What you can do is use this time for longer phone calls with attractive women, you know, what you used to do in the old days when you got a phone number, picked up the phone, and called a woman. In fact, you can even have longer, in depth conversations to see if there is a real connection there instead of just swiping left or right, and meeting.

When you have longer, in depth conversations, you can find out what she's really into. Is she really into fitness, does she have great energy, what music does she listen to, is she smart, does she just think she's smart, is she sweet and sexy, or is she sneaky and manipulative? All of these things you can find out by spending a lot longer on the phone with a woman before you meet in person. And she can find out a lot about you too, and when a woman does that, she looks forward to meeting you, instead of being nervous about meeting you. The whole dynamic suddenly changes.

Longer, more in depth conversations lead to two things. First off, you have better dates when you do meet up in person because you have established a connection over multiple phone calls- that's the way it used to be, remember? Secondly, you can avoid bad dates because you'll be able to tell when you're just not compatible with a woman, when there's no real chemistry. Avoiding bad dates is good time management, because that's time you could be using on good dates, or spending it with a great woman you took the time to get to know...just like the old days.


Here's Your Second Photo

I really hope you enjoyed your two photos and this article, I will have more photos and another great article for you tomorrow to help you with women and online dating!

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