Dark Nights of the Soul (and Online Dating)

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To alleviate your boredom while you are staying safe, I have two new photos to make you happy, and a new article called "Dark Nights of the Soul (and Online Dating)," something that DOES go with online dating.

Here's Your First of Two Photos

If you're a real man, nothing can put you under the bridge quicker than when it all goes wrong with a woman you really liked. Many a good man has had a dark night of the soul due to a woman he met, online or otherwise. And they can be good for you, as long as every night is not one of them. In this article, John explains how your own dark night of the soul can lead you to legendary dating success with the women you really want, not the ones you have to settle for.


Women don't want an emotional man, but they do want a man who experiences emotion, and that's a very important distinction. Read on to discover how to have emotions without being emotional.

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Dark Nights of the Soul (and Online Dating)

Dark nights of the soul. Everyone has them, to one extent or another. Hell, some of the greatest singer song-writers ever created their best albums after a dark night of the soul. What is a dark night of the soul? It's a night where you stay up and question everything about your life and yourself. If you're a man it usually involves a woman or three. And it usually involves booze. And nowadays, it can be caused by online dating misadventures.


When it comes to online dating, some men make the mistake of confusing it with a real relationship. They message back and forth with a woman, experiencing emotional highs and lows based on her latest message, forgetting that online dating is really nothing more than pixels on a screen that turns into a promise of something more in the real world. That's it. There is no emotional connection until you meet, anything that feels that way is just a fantasy. And you can't have a dark night of the soul based on what a woman wrote or didn't write you.

But can you have a dark night of the soul from a woman you met online and then things went horribly wrong after starting out oh, so good? Of course you can! As Charles Bukowski's stylized alter ego, Henry Chinaski said, "Many a good man has been put under the bridge by a woman." Neither Bukowski or Chinaski was alive for online dating, but "they" sure experienced it the old fashioned way, leading to some dark nights of the soul indeed.

On one hand, you're not really alive if you don't have an occasional dark night of the soul. On the other, if you have one every other night, you have some real issues. Dark nights should be followed by revelations that lead to the light. And if you meet a woman that seems to live in a perpetual dark night, stop seeing her at once, else she'll bring her darkness to you.

As you get older and have more life experience, you should have less dark nights. You start to realize, especially with women and dating, that things have a pattern, and they tend to work out predictably. Just because one woman stomped on your heart, doesn't mean they all will, and you come to realize that when one goes bad, it opens up the opportunity for a better one to come into your life. But if every night of your life is a dark night of the soul, no woman will want you. And yet, if you don't have them on occasion, women won't be interested either.

Having a dark night means you have the ability to experience emotion, to feel, to project, and that's what women crave in a man. Don't mistake that with being an emotional crybaby and constantly expressing your feelings. Women do NOT want that in a man. But they DO want a man who can experience powerful emotions, both good and bad, because that's what allows a woman to FEEL with you. And that's what women really want with a man, they want to FEEL, and they want to feel ALIVE. A man with no emotions can't make a woman feel.

Charles Bukowski was a physically ugly man and probably would not have fared well with his photo in an online dating profile. But his ability to use words to evoke emotion made him wildly attractive to women of all ages from all over the country who read his books and poems and literally flew to Los Angeles to see him for a few days. His dark nights of the soul followed by an occasional journey into the light captivated them because his words made them FEEL. And if you can make a woman FEEL through your words, you will do very well, with online dating and dating in general.


Here's Your Second Photo

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