The Truth About Matchmaking

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Hi, it's Julie!

Oh yes, I have two great photos and a new article from John for you. It's called "The Truth About Matchmaking", you're going to love this one, it busts all myths you've heard about hiring a matchmaker.

Here's Your First of Two Photos

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John Alanis, King Of Let Em' Come To You!

The Truth About Matchmaking

One thing women still LOVE to do is play matchmaker with their friends, setting them up with guy after guy, hoping it succeeds so they can secretly claim credit for it. But matchmaking is not limited simply to women and their friends, it's a multi-million dollar industry now, especially with TV shows such as "The Millionaire Matchmaker" featuring Patti Stanger which, I suppose is now in syndication.

The call of the matchmaker is a siren song to many men-- she finds you attractive women, you show up, and magic happens...right? Not necessarily.

Most matchmakers target older men (because they have resources), but the truth is, most guys in this age bracket would have better luck on a senior dating site, or even on one of the best online dating sites I mentioned in a prior article.

The reason is this: deal flow. Matchmaking and matchmakers are limited by the number of women they can recruit to introduce to their clientele, and this pales in comparison to a dating site. Secondly, while many of these younger women are beautiful, they're searching for resources, plain in simple. Now, I actually have no problem with that, but it's something you need to understand going in. If you get in a relationship with a woman you meet from a matchmaking service, never forget her motivations-- she's actively "looking" for something, and that something is generally resources.

Certainly there are matchmaking success stories, just as there are success stories from any senior dating site, or any of the best online dating sites I've mentioned. But there are more disappointed men with lighter wallets than not because a matchmaker cannot overcome the biggest reason why the matches they make fail: lack of attractive behaviors on the part of the guy. Like it or not attraction comes down to behavior, and if a man doesn't know which male behaviors create attraction and which kill it, he will never succeed with women, no matter how many he is introduced to. Best to learn these behaviors first, then cast your net wide over all the other dating options, choosing matchmaking as a last resort.

Honestly, the best thing to do is to become your own matchmaker. Only you know what kind of woman you want and what kind of woman you don't. And sometimes you have to find that out. The only way is to meet and date and be friends with a lot of women. With online dating sites you can go on date after date after date, and you will quickly learn what you don't want in a woman.

That's just as important as knowing what you do want because it allows you to immediately disqualify women you know nothing's going to happen with. Along the way, you'll start to notice things you like and things you enjoy in a woman, and you will start to subconsciously seek them out. You'll get to the point where you'll be able to "feel" whether or not she's worth pursuing from the very beginning.

Glenn Turner used to tell the story that when he was a kid, he dreamt of getting a shiny new red bike for Christmas from Santa Claus. His parents were poor, but Glenn just knew if he was well behaved, if he wrote Santa, if he did everything he was supposed to do, Santa would bring him a brand new bike.

On Christmas morning, Glenn woke up, only to discover that he did not get a new bike for Christmas, he once again got hand me down clothes. Furious, Glenn vowed from that moment on to be his own Santa Claus, and that's the lesson here. Forget about matchmakers, be your own matchmaker. Only you can give yourself what you want.


Here's Your Second Photo

I really hope you enjoyed your two photos and this article, I will have more photos and another great article for you tomorrow to help you with women and online dating!

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