What's Better, Free Online Dating Sites Or Free Mobile Dating Apps?

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Today I have two photos and a new article from John for you. It's called "What's Better, Free Online Dating Sites Or Free Mobile Dating Apps?", you're going to love this one.

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What's Better, Free Online Dating Sites Or Free Mobile Dating Apps?

My my, how the world has changed. When online dating started, you had several free online dating sites- Love at AOL, Yahoo dating, and a few others, but none really took off. If you wanted results, you had to actually pay for a site like Match or Matchmaker, and that's not really a bad thing. Then along came Plenty of Fish, and for a while, they had more members than anyone else, and they were free.

Then Tinder changed the world. It put dating on your phone, essentially took away words and long profiles, and made dating like a deck of cards. It got a bad rep, but it became very popular very fast, and then came a whole host of knockoffs. Now guys could sit in a coffee shop, deal the cards, keep their face in their phone and ignore all the real women around them.

Not only that, they could lie about all the women they were going home with that they met on Tinder, and many man spun many a tall tale in the early days. No matter how advanced technology gets, some things will never change- men still love to lie about their success with women. To be fair, I'm not a huge fan of online dating apps, free or otherwise. They are pretty much used for entertainment, a way to pass the time without actually meeting a real woman in person. After all the next one you swipe on might be more attractive, and you definitely don't want to miss out. Free dating sites can be better because people still write longer profiles and are more serious about meeting up on there. But again, many of these free dating sites are used for entertainment purposes only, with no intent of meeting up in the real world. Yes, you can use them, but it's a lot of work.

Here's my suggestion: use them both, but use them with discretion. Use your mobile dating app for 15 minutes a day with the intent of connecting with a woman to talk on the phone with. Use your free online dating site for the same amount of time. But use MORE of your time to go out into the real world and talk to real women.

Here's a big secret in this brave new world of free online dating apps and sites: women are absolutely dying for a man to come up and talk to them in the real world. Women really do NOT like all of this online dating, they use it as a means to an end. They'd much rather a real man walk up and talk to them, buy them a drink, and take them out like guys used to.

One thing is certain in this day and age: women are more frustrated with men than ever. While that may not be good for them, it is good news for you. You have very little competition because most men would rather hide behind a dating site than go talk to women in person. Many broke, ugly guys who had issues with women years ago are meeting and dating beautiful women because they simply to up, talk to them, and ask them if they'd like to grab a drink. Since women are rarely asked, they almost always say yes.

That secret is great news for you. There are many, many beautiful women who 30 years ago would have been taken who are lonely and dying to meet a man because no one will come up and talk to them or ask them on a date. If you happen to be that man, you might just wind up with a gorgeous woman, and all your friends will want to know your secret- what dating app did you use to get her? You can give them the best answer- the "real world" dating app.


Here's Your Second Photo

I really hope you enjoyed your two photos and this article, I will have more photos and another great article for you tomorrow to help you with women and online dating!

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