What's the Real Truth About Online Dating For Men In the Age of Smartphones?

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What's the Real Truth About Online Dating For Men In the Age of Smartphones?

There's no doubt about it. Online dating for men has changed a LOT over the years. First there were regular dating sites like Match.com, eHarmony, even some now defunct ones like Matchmaker and others. They were pretty straight forward- all you did was put up a profile, put up your best pictures, and write a personal ad to describe yourself. Then women who were interested in online dating could message you, and you could meet up in the real world for a date.

In the very beginning, online dating was creepy. People looked at it like they did the old personal ads section in the newspaper, where the misfits of science went to meet just plain misfits. If you had to run a personal ad in the newspaper, you were a loser.

Online dating however, quickly became avant garde, cutting edge, something young, hip, internet savvy business professionals did because they were too busy to meet people in the real world. Once online dating became "in," it became socially acceptable, and regular people started signing up. Now everyone does it, even if they say they don't.

But the advent of smart phones has really changed online dating, especially Apps like Tinder, Bumble, even Facebook dating. You put very little about yourself on these mobile dating apps, just a few photos, and people swipe right or left based on your photos. Maybe they select you, maybe they don't, but it's much less personal than even the old original online dating sites. Here's the real truth about online dating for men today: no matter if you use a mobile app, or an old fashioned online dating site, if you want to meet women online, you have to get them on the phone as soon as possible. You want to talk to them, see if there's a connection, see if you can establish any rapport, and see if they want to meet you in person for a date.

Oh, and you want to see if you connect with them as well. I recommend at least two to three in depth phone calls before you meet a woman in person for a date so you can see if there's ongoing chemistry. BUT, you also don't want to spend too much before you meet her, else you run the danger of turning her into an online dating fantasy, an abstraction in your head instead of who she really is.

Some people worry about being "catfished," and while that was a fun show, it rarely happens. And you know what, if it does, so what- just move onto the next date, the one thing that is true about online dating is there is always a next date. More likely you will run into people who are 25 pound heavier and ten years older in their photos, and if that happens, you do the same thing- move onto the next date.

By the way, put your updated photos and real age on any dating profile, you're not going to fool anyone into liking you by showing up older and fatter. You want to meet the expectations of any woman you are going on a date with.

So, the real truth about online dating for men in this day and age of mobile dating apps is still the same as it was when the original online dating sites appeared: get her on the phone as soon as possible, have two or three in depth conversations, then meet her for a real live date. They won't all go well, but hey, all you need is one, and it will make all your online dating efforts worth it. After all, women really do want to meet a cool guy in person, and it might as well be you.


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