The Truth About Succeeding With Online Dating Sites For Men

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It's time for a new article from John, and this one is entitled "The Truth About Succeeding With Online Dating Sites For Men." Every day it seems there is a new online dating site, and John reveals the truth about them.

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The Truth About Succeeding With Online Dating Sites For Men

When online dating first started back in the 90's, it was infested with the same weirdos who ran paid personal ads in dubious singles publications. But the internet boom of the late 90's did something no one could have predicted for the personal ad market-it made them legitimate.

Now, online dating is not only a big business, it is considered perfectly normal for a single guy (and to be truthful, plenty of married guys) to put up a profile on at least one of the free dating websites (such as plenty of fish), and more often than not, sign up for the paid version. One thing, however, has remained constant between now and the inception of the first free online dating sites: guys fail to meet women online at an alarming rate.

Why is this, and what can be done about it? The answer is simple: you have to stop thinking like a guy when setting up your online dating site profile and start thinking like a woman. Here's what most guys do when they set up their online profile: if they're in shape, they take a lot of pictures with their shirts off. LOTS. They write very little, maybe saying something witty such as, "yo', message me and let's kick it." Or, they go the other way and write a novel about how romantic and sappy they are, and how they're just looking for one special woman to form a lasting connection with, take long walks on the beach and love forever (really?).

Then, they browse female profiles (the good looking ones) and copy and paste the same message (usually one or two lines) into as many of them as they possibly can, hoping to play "the numbers game" and get one response. They do not, and think online dating sites are a scam.

The scam, however, is the one they run unknowingly on themselves. The key to success for men on online dating sites is to think like a woman. Women respond to intelligent men-they are hard wired that way. Women also do not respond to visual stimuli like men do-we make the mistake of thinking that because we love pictures of attractive women in an alluring pose, women like men doing the same thing. But the female brain doesn't work that way-women are turned off by men who show they are dull by posting the same shirtless pictures all the other guys do (browse some male online profiles by men and you'll see what I mean).

Women want to see a man who's dressed nicely, and in a variety of different situations, showing he leads a varied and interesting life. The female mind seeks out variety, and that's what you should show in your pictures as well as avoiding the same kinds of pictures other guys post (that shows intelligence on your part).


Secondly, when you write your profile, you have to write it from the point of view of what's in it for her. Women like an intelligent man, with a good sense of humor, a quick wit, and a varied life. Boredom is like a mental death to women (most guys they meet are boring) so if you show you are exciting AND can make her laugh by what you write in your profile, you have a much better shot of getting it answered than that average guy.

Thirdly, when you write a woman, read her profile, and make a short, specific comment or observation about what she wrote. It should be more than one line, original, but not something that goes on and on and one. The point of your message to her should be to pique her curiosity enough so that she immediately reads your profile then writes you back. From there you can carry on a dialogue, get her on the phone and meet in person.

Follow this process, and the odds of you succeeding with online dating are much higher than the average bear's. Keep in mind most women you write won't write you back, but if you follow this process enough will...and in the end, all you need is one. That's how you make online dating for men work for you..


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