How to Easily Talk To Any Woman On a Date

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I have a new article from John, and a new photo for you today! The article is called "How To Easily Talk to Women On a Date," and that is an essential skill to learn if you want to have a second date and more.

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How to Easily Talk To Any Woman On a Date

There is no way around it. No matter how much you swipe on a mobile dating app such as Tinder or message women on an online dating site such as Match, at some point you are going to have to actually talk to a woman. Not message, not text, not email, but TALK.

You will have to talk to her on the phone, and you will have to talk to her in person. So you'd better learn how to do so. The good news is, talking to women is a learnable skill.

An important part of talking with women is what NOT to say. Most guys commit the ultimate conversation sin with women: they bore them. Women want conversation with a man to be exciting, to be fun, to activate their minds. They don't want it to put them to sleep.

Most guys make the mistake of bragging about themselves on a date, or worse yet trying to impress a woman by showing off, boasting about houses and cars and money. That's the best way to turn a woman off, because she's heard it all before, on every online dating site out there. She doesn't care about that. She wants to know about the real you, things that are unique and exciting. She wants to laugh, and she wants you to make her laugh. She wants to feel chemistry.

One of the best ways to talk to women and get them to like you is by talking about interesting things you know about, and they'd like to learn. For example, I like wine, know a decent amount about it, I'm passionate about it and I like to teach women about it. When I talk about it I get excited, even animated and passionate, and women love that. On a date, they are looking for a man with passion who can get them to feel passion.

It's not difficult to learn about interesting topics. You can go to Amazon and find any book on any subject, there are lots of great websites, and there are places in the real world you can go. For example, I can go to Total Wine and actually look at and feel the wine I read about online (and buy it, of course). When you have a knowledge about an interesting subject, talk to a woman with passion and excitement, she wants to feel your energy- that's what causes the feeling of chemistry, the feeling women crave.


You never want to talk about anything boring, and when you talk, you want to have a "big" energy. There's nothing women like less than a man with "flat" energy, a man with no excitement, no passion, no ambition in his life. You don't want to be over the top, and you don't want to try to act, but you don't want to display some passion about things you are interested in- women love this sort of male emotion.

Women really love a man who knows how to tell stories that make them laugh. You can take any, ordinary event like a trip to the gym, to the coffee shop, or even a bad online date and turn it into a funny story with a punchline. If you can make her laugh, you're not a boring guy, especially when you can make her laugh in spite of herself, make her laugh at things she knows she shouldn't, but did anyways.

You don't have to be a world class expert, all you need to do is know more than most guys, and that's pretty easy. After all, most spend their time avoiding conversation, so if you're halfway decent at it on a date, odds are you will get a second one...and then you won't have to spend any more time on online dating sites.


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