What To Write To Women On Online Dating Sites

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Ever sent messages on a dating site and gotten no answers? Most men have, and that's why John's new article is called "What To Write to Women On Online Dating Sites. Read it below, and start getting replies!

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What To Write To Women On Online Dating Sites

Ever messaged a woman you really liked on an online dating site and got nothing in return? That's the experience of most guys because they send terrible messages. Yes, an attractive woman will get a lot of messages from guys, but she will also scan through them, looking for something unique.

Most guys don't write anything unique or compelling. Most just say "hey" or "what's up?" or give out their phone number. These are routinely ignored by women on dating sites because they are, well, routine. Women want to see something a bit unusual.

A compliment referencing something specific usually works well, something like, "Very nice smile!" Or, a question about something she wrote on her dating profile can work well too. Most guys don't read dating profiles, so that shows her you actually read hers.

Long messages to start with aren't a really good idea because women think you are copying and pasting (and you probably are). Better to stick with something shorter and specific that initiates a conversation. Once you get one message from her, you'll want to exchange several, get a little flirty before you ask for her number.

Now, having a long dating profile about you is a good idea, because the first time a woman receives a message from you, the next thing she will do is read your profile. THEN she will message you back. An interesting online dating profile really is the key to getting messaged back.

Be sure you have lots of good photos on your profile. Not any photos with your shirt off, just photos of you smiling and having a good time, looking like a cool guy she'd want to spend time with. Your photos should support your profile, you want to come across as an interesting guy. Combine good photos, an in depth profile, and a short, unique compliment message, and you'll get plenty of messages back in return, something most guys never do.

Don't make the mistake of fixating on one particular profile, turning her into an online fantasy. Until you actually meet her in person, she's just pixels on a screen, and everything else is just an invention in your mind. There are lots of great women in the world, not just one special one you saw online. There are a lot of special women, and a lot who aren't, even though you may think they are based on their profiles.


The truth is this: if you write a lot of different women you find attractive, and you send them a good message, you'll get plenty of replies. Remember, women go on dating sites to MEET men, not to look at photos. Most men go on dating sites to look at photos, so if you let a woman know you are a man who wants to meet a woman in person, and you're not looking for an online penpal, you'll get a lot of responses.

Some responses will go nowhere, some will be online conversations only, some you'll text with, and some you'll speak to on the phone. And some of those you'll actually go on dates with. It really is a numbers game BUT if you know what to write from the beginning your numbers will be better than most guys. And yes, many guys write hundreds of women and never get a response, so you can zero. But if you learn how to write to women, you'll get plenty of responses.

Yes, you'll have some bad dates, but you'll also have some good ones as well, and you don't need that many meet a great woman. And hey, if it doesn't work out, you at least know how to write to women on online dating sites and get a response...so you'll always have more dates to go on.


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