Should You Chat Online With Women From Dating Sites?

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Good news, I have new photos and a great new article from John called "Should You Chat With Women From Online Dating Sites?" If you like to chat with women on Facebook or other places, you'll love this article.

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Should You Chat Online With Women From Dating Sites?

It IS a legitimate question.

Should you chat online with women from online dating sites and mobile dating apps, or is it just a waste of time? The answer might surprise you because it is both yes and no.

Many men waste a lot of time chatting with women (or bots they may think are women) they meet via Tinder, Bumble, Match, etc. It's easy to do, there's no fear of rejection, you don't have to leave your home, and you can have a nice online fantasy. But you don't meet a real woman in the real world that way, especially if you are chatting with women in different countries you have almost no chance of meeting in person.

Strangely, there IS a legitimate reason to chat with women online, and that's to build your quick thinking conversational skills. Women absolutely love a quick minded man, the man who has a witty comeback for everything, the man who knows how to say just the right thing at the right time, the man who knows how to set up a laugh. Interestingly, you can learn this skill by using online chat with women as a training tool.

Most guys are awkward at conversation because they never try to learn the skill of it. They are nervous because they don't know what to say, and they think of the perfect thing when it is too late. But the great thing about online chat with women you meet from dating sites is you can learn it to develop your conversational skills fast.

First off, you can say just about anything because it's from a distance. And while you don't want to be rude, you quickly get a feel about women respond to and don't respond to- you can push the envelope, so to speak. You can steer the conversation towards any topic you want, looking for opportunities to be funny, forward, quick minded, etc.

If you want to get really good at it, open two, three, even four chats with different women on different topics. One can be a serious topic, one can be humorous, one can be salacious, one can be small talk. Switch between conversations, doing your best to maintain the topic- don't mix the serious and the salacious, for instance. This forces you to come up with answers quickly, trains your brain to be quick minded, trains you to focus on what's being said.


What you find it, you start to get in conversational rhythms, and the right things to say at the right time just pop into your mind. Not only that, you start to anticipate what she is about to say, and you realize there is a structure to these conversations. That way when you meet a real woman in person, it seems like the conversation "slows down," not in a boring way, but in a way where you can feel and sense what to say next, what not to say, when to lay down the perfect response, etc. When you do this you come across as quick minded, smooth, and witty, something women find devastatingly attractive. Few men are good at this because they don't train to be quick minded. You will immediately come across as different than other men to her, smarter with a better personality because you trained and developed your skills, and they don't even know they should. So, can you waste a lot of time with online chat with women? Yes, but if you use it correctly, you can develop your conversational skills and be very attractive to women you meet in the real world, whether naturally or from an online dating site.


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