What Are the Best Online Dating Sites For Men?

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What Are the Best Online Dating Sites For Men?

What are the best online dating sites for men, both paid and free?  That's a question I get all the time from men, and it IS a good question. Today we'll talk about the free dating services online.

While I do have a list of the best online dating sites to share with you, I want to start with what might be considered an unusual answer:  you should be on both paid AND free dating sites, and the more the better.

Why?  The answer is something called "Deal Flow."  What that means is, the more "deals" (in this case, "deals" are interested women), the pickier you can be.  If you constrain yourself to just one dating site, you're limiting yourself only to the women who are on there, not the women who are on other dating sites as well.  While some women will put profiles on multiple dating sites, the majority choose just one of the many online dating sites and stick to one.  If you're not on there, you'll miss her.

Let's start with the best free dating sites. I'll give you one well known one, a lesser "app" and then a surprising one. 

The most well known one is good ol' POF (Plenty of Fish) and it has a huge following of free members.  Yes, there is a paid option, but most people are free on there.  As much as the owner Markus hates to admit it, more people are on there for "fun" than for a serious relationship, although those do happen there.  The women on POF are responsive, and if you follow what I told you in my previous article about online dating, you'll get many replies.

Another of the free dating websites (that's not really a "website" per se, it's more of a free dating service on your phone) is an app called Tinder.  It's an unusual dating app-- all you do is download it from the Apple Store or the Google Play store to your phone, instally it, and you can start attracting women.  It's like playing a deck of cards-- the app finds women who are near you, and you swipe left or right to indicate your interest, and if they've indicated theirs too, you get to communicate. Definitely worth trying one of my favorite free dating services online.

The third free "dating site" is, shockingly, Facebook!  With their new graph search option,  you can literally search for single women close to  you who are into, say, fitness and then start making friends with them.  Best to start with those who show up as friends of your existing friends since they are more likely to accept you, and if you friend too many people on Facebook in a short amount of time, Facebook will temporarily suspend your "friending" privileges. 

But, if you do it on a small level, with women you have connection with (mutual friend, shared likes, etc.) she'll friend you back and you can start communicating.  Most people overlook Facebook as one of the free dating websites, but if you use it right, it actually is.  More interestingly, it can be used as a paid dating website, but that's something we'll talk about more in the future... and why it just might be the best online dating site and service for men out there...


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