What Is the Top Online Dating Site?

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Great news- I have two motivational photos for you, plus a great newsletter update from John- What IS the Top Online Dating Site? In this age of mobile dating apps, the answer might surprise you.

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What Is the Top Online Dating Site?

It's a question I get a lot, and a question I hate:  "John, what's the top, online dating site out there, the best one, the one where women just flock to me?"  While I have, previously, written about what I consider to be the best online dating websites, this is question that drives me crazy because it is a diversion from the real question about attraction.

The real question is this:  how can you attract the women who are the most qualified for it is you want in the the minimum amount of time?  If you concentrate on just one dating website, whether it is the best or not, you're cutting yourself off from potential women you may well be matched with.

The truth is, you want to be on ALL the top online dating sites, with a well written online dating profile so you can get the maximum number of prequalified women to write you and express their interest.

Think of it like a funnel-- you dump a lot of leads into the top of it, and only the best ones come out the bottom.  Online dating is the same way: you get a lot of women to contact you, you disqualify the ones that don't meet your criteria, you talk to the rest on the phone, disqualify for, meet the ones you phone qualified in person, and only see the ones you really like again.  BUT, if you don't pour more leads into the top of your online dating funnel, you will never get to the few who are qualified.

That's why it's a terrible question to ask, "what's the top online dating site" because the question itself limits itself to one, and limits the amount of pre-qualified women you can dump into your online dating website funnel.  You want to be on the best dating sites, as I've written before.

Match.com, eHarmony (try out a free weekend sometime, when they advertise it) and Plenty of Fish.  Put Tinder on your smartphone, and reach out to women on Facebook and your funnel will always be more than full.  When you meet a woman you really like, you can shut it off, and if it doesn't work out (or you get bored) you can turn it back on again. Deal flow is the most important element in online dating, especially when it comes to meeting that one special woman.  There is NO one top online dating site...get yourself on the best dating sites, and you'll do very well.

But what about the best mobile dating apps? It is Tinder, Bumble, or the new Facebook dating? Honestly, they all have their issues. Tinder is where younger, not particularly serious people go to swipe left and right, Bumble is where older, more jaded people go to complain about dating, and Facebook is, well, brutally honest with its photos. But, hey, you've got one smartphone to rule them all, so put them on, and use them as tools.

If you're younger, Tinder is probably best, if you're looking for someone you have a social circle in common with, Facebook is best, and if you're older and experienced, Bumble is probably best. But don't get too caught up in any of them, use them to meet women, not for entertainment purposes. If all you want to do is wile away the hours pretending to want to meet women, by all means get them all and play with them. They are all equally worthless.

If you actually want to meet a woman, use them to generate leads, get them on the phone, and set up meetings in the real world. Eventually you'll meet a woman you like, and you can idle every single one of your online mobile dating apps. And if it doesn't work out, you can turn them on again, and go have a blast with a pool of brand new women. Or swipe left and right to drown away your misery if you prefer. Some guys even do it in a bar instead of talking to the bartender.

Here's Your Second Photo

I really hope you enjoyed your two photos and this article, I will have more photos and another great article for you tomorrow to help you with women and online dating!

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